A modern, non-partisan, civic engagement platform

Made in the USA. We are a non-partisan and diverse group of passionate developers, academics, entrepreneurs, and designers. What unites us is our belief and optimism that our democracy is not broken, but it does need a little facilitation.

Candidates represent ever-growing numbers of constituents (750,000 for the average congressperson) and the line between local and national issues has blurred. In every election, Americans must choose between dozens of candidates for positions like school board, the conservation district, ports, city councils, and representatives. Political discourse is polarized, and it is difficult to discuss and compare candidates, especially at a local level.

Politician Report will help restore the direct relationship between elected leaders and their constituents. It seeks to give citizens a chance to comment directly and publicly, and to contribute ideas and critiques to specific policy positions. We will help voters evaluate alternatives on their ballot and select candidates based on a careful consideration of the issues most important to them. Our goal is to help voters become an expert about each and every election, no matter how local or small.

American Democracy is at its best when anyone can advocate for their most important issues. We want to (re)empower voters to fully participate in local politics with the interest, engagement, and passion it deserves! Aggregating data from a wide variety of sources, we seek to make researching candidates for local and national elections as easy as possible. We allow for public facing approval ratings and reviews for increased transparency, various channels for policy and ballot measure discussion, and direct feedback from elected officials.