Our Mission at Politician Report

We pride ourselves on being transparent and open about what we do. Our mission is to increase transparency with politics, provide feedback for elected officials, and make it easy for you to vote in all elections.

Review Policy

Your review should be originally created – it should be your own opinion. We aggregate reviews/ratings and will notify the candidate or elected official of aggregate voter opinions. They will receive a summary of your feedback - so make it count!

For in depth-depth terms and privacy policy please check out our terms and privacy pages.

Politician Report aims to be a respectful, informative, and honest resource, and we reserve the right to remove content that does not meet our policies. The following is subject to removal:

  • Reviews posted on behalf of others, or reviews that impersonate others.
  • Spam or fake reviews, including those intended to alter ratings.
  • Content that includes or provides links to sexually explicit material.
  • Profane or offensive language.
  • Defamatory, obscene, or libelous content.
  • Content that is likely to constitute harassment due to race, gender, or another basis that is protected under the law.
  • Content or links that are hateful, threatening, or harass others.
  • Content that reveals the personal information of others. This includes identifying teachers, fellow classmates, or staff members by name.
  • Duplicate posts.
  • Content that is off-topic.

If you wish to revise or flag a review, please email us at [email protected]


How do you verify reviews?

Politician Report uses a 2-step verification policy for reviews. First the reviewer must authorize the review via a social media login. Second, should a suspicious review be flagged by sending us an email ([email protected]), Politician Report’s moderators may remove the review temporarily. They will then do an additional verification to ensure the reviewer is a valid user, and that their review is within our guidelines. Within 48 hours, we decide if the review needs to be removed. We strongly encourage our community to help us if they see suspicious reviews. We encourage reviewers to make their names public for the review, although anonymous reviews are also always welcome.

What do you need demographic data for?

Demographic data is mostly used for summary statistics purposes. For example, wouldn't it be interesting for the users and the politician to see how people from different party affiliations thought of a certain policy? All data can be anonymized.

Where do you get your data?

There are a lot of data sources out there and a lot of non-profits who we partner with to get the data! We are lucky to have strong partnerships with various organizations and build off of their expertise with politics.

How do you calculate liberal-conservative ratings?

This is based on the special interest group ratings. For example, if a conservative think gives you a 100/100 - then it's clear that you are conservative for that particular policy.

Do you accept donations?

Yes - we always need your support and all the help we can get. if you are interested in donating or supporting our cause in any other way, please email [email protected]